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An Intro to…

3 Years East

A collaborative effort between Melissa and I to track and share our thoughts and stories, whilst trying to stay east of England for around 3 years and hopefully a little longer. Not that we don’t like England, I feel I should add. We just know that with a world as vast as ours, you can spend too much time in one place, when out there are so many amazing experiences to help broaden the mind and thoroughly enjoy. We will be volunteering, backpacking, working where we can and genuinely trying to have an amazing adventure. We will write about how much it costs us, how awesome the places we visit are, things not to do and things to do. People we meet will get a mention and so will the places we stay.

We hope to write enough about our travels so that we can help people better plan for their own adventures when the time comes. That time should be now by the way!

We figured out, not too long ago, that when in a stable job traveling can seem a distant dream, one which as each day ends and each month provides a new slate of funds to dig into, can easily be pushed back and pushed back (my own plans 6 years ago are now a distant dream). Hopefully our boldness led us to make the right decision, when we left our stable lives and headed east for what now seems like a mammoth undertaking. The truth is, it doesn’t matter how many spreadsheets you can muster up (I love spreadsheets by the way), or how many blogs you can read, at the end of the day when you pack your bags and handover your first boarding pass, you have no idea what lies ahead. But as we heard most people say when we began to doubt our decision…

“You only ever regret the things that you didn’t do”.

If your thinking of taking that year out or just packing it all in and seeing where the wind takes you, there is no time like the present.

We hope 3YearsEast helps to shed a little light onto how unbelievably freaky and entertaining the world can be. If we can help share some useful info on budget travelling and sustained backpacking along the road, then we’ll be even happier.

A story is not worth telling unless you have someone to share it with. We have you! So enjoy 🙂

And please if you have any feedback or questions, we would love hear them, so get typing in the comments section below.

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