Holy Crap we are in Thailand

19 hours travelling is so tiring and thanks to flight anxiety (damn you brain) I can’t sleep for peanuts. Then with weary eyes we step off the plane only to be hit by a sticky 35 degree heat, straight away we knew we were on the right side of the globe for the winter…

Clinging to our backpacks with pretty much all of our belongings in,Khoa San Road at Night

we arrived in Bangkok and made our way through the streets fending off a couple of lady boys on the way. It took us a while to find but we eventually managed to locate the hostel without too much sweat loss and so it was time to explore and see what Bangkok had to offer of a night…

Cheng Cheng

Chang finally replaced the backpack in my hand and was a refreshing treat to cool us down on the bustling Kaoh San road. Which itself was a cool sight. Scorpions on sticks was the highlight of weird food and the tastiest we tried was the Pad Thai stools which basically offered a noodle and egg dish for about 65p.

The next day we decided to make our way down to Koh Lanta, Tuk Tuk

something we knew was going to be a long journey. Another 19 hours travelling around on a bus, ferry, bus and pick up truck got us to Koh Lanta for midday the next day. We had two movies to enjoy on the coach, one which played twice on repeat and both skipped Sunset after work
thanks to the wobbly dvd player. The toilets were disgusting with the rocky journey emptying the contents of the bowl over the floor and with no flushing mechanism is got pretty nasty.


Koh lanta will be our residence for the next few weeks as we volunteer on a place called Clazy House. A bit of cleaning, raking leaves, bar work, checking guests in and looking after the reception will be enough to pay for our rent, food and unlimited amounts of water, tea and coffee… Where we are is unbelievably relaxed, full of true to life hippies and cool little huts to rest our heads and all by a beautiful sandy beach.

 Some tips learnt so far:
Travelling on coaches in Asia…


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