Food Glorious Food?

A brief glimpse into the assortment of school dinners we experienced whilst volunteering in Northern Thailand. Some great, some average, but never terrible! There are no local names for these dishes here as we never had a menu, so knowing what we were eating was down to guesswork, taste and sight…

General rules we found; You can’t go wrong with breakfast which was always an assortment of rice and eggs. Pork is a staple here, which is lucky because….whenever you get chicken, even the tiniest piece will have bones in it, so it’s best to either avoid it completely, or be very delicate with each and every mouthful.

Our canteen

Where the magic happens!
Where the magic happens!


Cabbage, eggs and pork, with Rice – Craig loved this, but I found it to be a little bland in flavour.

The BIG pan used to cook up a school dinner storm
The BIG pan used to cook up a school dinner storm

Monday Lunch (2)Tuesday

Pork and Pumpkin, with Rice – They got it right today! Truly scrumptious!

Tuesday LunchWednesday

Breakfast: Assortment of egg and rice

Wednesday BreakfastLunch: Pork and Pumpkin cooked slightly differently – why is pork so tasty?

Wednesday LunchThursday

Breakfast: Cabbage, pork, fried eggs and rice – My favourite breakfast and our most frequent breakfast too (luckily)!

Thursday BreakfastLunch: Noodle soup with pork – There is a lot of pork in Northern Thailand!

Thursday LunchDesert: I call it “Coconut mush”…very strange texture, and very strong coconut milk, kind of sickly…

Thursday DesertFriday

Breakfast: Omelette and rice – happy daysFriday breakfastLunch: Boney Chicken in a watery broth – the broth always tastes good, but beware of the chicken!!

Friday LunchLeaving meal with teachers

King Prawn Lemongrass Soup – VERY good, although it is kind of weird that they expect you to eat the eggs of the king prawn, which is just brown residue on their underbelly.

Leaving meal for volunteersA freshly caught BBQ’d Mekong River fish, very salty but super delicious!!

Leaving meal for Volunteers (2)

By far the best out of all our meals at school were those including pumpkin, all were creamy and tasty!

We hope you enjoyed this brief insight into school dinners in Thailand, I can certainly say that since leaving we have been hard pressed to find food as good and authentic as we did in Thailand. But there is still hope 🙂 Any feedback or comments are always welcomed.




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  1. Interesting – especially if I was contemplating a visit to Thailand myself – which I’m not .. But still interesting:) they must be good pig breeders…. Love mom XX

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