Pushkar – Rajasthan: Falafals, Cows and Cable Cars

When we first looked at our trip, we had not even heard of Pushkar, and so we had no plans to visit. People we had met in other places in Rajasthan however, highly recommended it. So we decided we should check it out, and since it was so highly recommended, I thought I would have a lovely time there for my birthday.

Craig being the absolute study machine that he is, had some work to catch up on after our two day camel safari, and he had an assignment due ON my birthday. So the poor kiddo spent 10-14 hours   on the two days leading up to my birthday slaving away trying to work out something to do with circuits (that’s the most I could gather). This meant I had a couple of days to myself, to explore and chill. We had pretty good wifi for once, so I spent one whole day watching New Girl and sewing our bags and travelling pants and other bits and bobs that had been ripped or developed holes so far (surprisingly a lot of stuff). The next day I went for a little explore, and spent most of my time down at the Ghats, watching the children kite fighting and kite running. This was all in preparation for the kite festival which takes place around the third week of January every year and captivates men, women and children across India, especially Rajasthan. Later I watched the sun setting, as the monkeys ran across rooftops and children flew kites.

Watching the monkeys on the rooftops from our rooftop restaurant
All the kites in the sky at sunset


The baby monkeys are the cutest
The baby monkeys are the cutest
Some strange dolls in a little shop
Birds flying across the Ghats







One evening as we went off to ‘explore’ (ie. get an amazing falafel from the three adjacent and competing falafel shops in town), we nearly got stampeded by about 15 cows charging down a narrow lane, being chased after by some noisy dogs. Luckily we found an alcove to hide in just before we were trampled! Never a dull moment in India eh!?

Birthday in Pushkar

This was my second birthday away from home, but this time was even more strange, because at least in Korea we felt like we had a home, and I had lots of people I knew around me (as I had to go to work and we had loads of friends). I had a few birthday cards to open that our parents had given us when they visited us in India, so I opened them in bed, which gave me that birthday feeling. Then we decided that we would go up this mountain we had been staring at for days. Even better, there was a cable car, so we didn’t have to exert too much effort.

The shadow of the mountain we were ‘climbing’ over aerial views of Pushkar

dsc_0060 dsc_0064






Once at the top we watched the sun setting over the vastness that is the mountain landscape of Ajmer, its was beautiful. To top it off, there were some gorgeous monkeys watching the sunset with us, and they looked so cute!

dsc_0134 dsc_0139 dsc_0150 dsc_0166

Overall, a beautiful relaxing birthday, finished off with some ridiculously good falafels, which are prominent in Pushkar, which we later found is due to the aptly named ‘hummus trail’. Named this because wherever you find hummus, you will find many Israeli travellers, or is it the other way around?



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