About us…

A couple’s blog through South East Asia and beyond…

My name is Craig and I’ll be traveling east from Birmingham, UK, for the next three years. I’ll be volunteering and doing some paid work here and there to support our travels and the rest of the time soaking up the sights on the other side of the planet. Joining me is my girlfriend, Melissa. She’ll obviously be doing the same as me as we travel, but we may have some different experiences volunteering and working.

mel and meSo who are we? Well, I had a business and have been in telemarketing over the last 6 years and turned that all in for a chance to ditch the suit and live out of my backpack for the next 3 and half years. Before this chapter, I was a chef for about 4 years, most of this time within the Royal Fleet Auxiliary, so hopefully I have a few skills that will pay for some accommodation and food whilst we stumble around Asia and beyond.


Hello I’m Melissa, pretty much anyone who has ever got drunk with me, or spent any sort of substantial time with me will know that I love Salt and Vinegar crisps and discussing any sort of international political/historical/social/geographical issues with anyone who has any knowledge to share, so basically I find the world fascinating, which is why I’m so excited to be seeing it with my own eyes.

So over the next few years, many blogs will be written, pictures taken, stories told and jokes shared. There will be some published on time, there may be gaps of weeks or months without much from us, in reality I have no idea what’s in store, so bare with us and hopefully we can share some of the magic we encounter…


I also have a couple of other blogs, here is the link to my blog which accompanied me on my solo 96 mile run for charity:

Run For The 96 Blog

And here are the links for my blogs for LoveTEFL, a few stories about our mini adventure teaching English in South Africa last year:

South Africa LoveTEFL Blogs



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